: 28. 7. 2021.

Croatia Luxury Booking

Meet the team

Croatia Luxury Booking is an ideal booking partner. Extensive experience in the tourism industry and a detail-oriented team are the key elements.

If you have read anything about us, you already know that we approach booking in tourism a bit differently. Our paths crossed when we were both working as business development managers in a leading tourism agency. We have both travelled a lot, and we owned a couple of rental units on our own. So, we have experience in tourism rental options from 3 angles. We have decided to open our tourism rental agency and be able to provide a partnership to luxury homeowners in Croatia.

Through our travelling experience, we have realised that often the reality is not the same as advertised. This is why we do not neglect the guests. Each and every villa we sign is a handpicked object that we saw in person. This eliminates any possibility of negative experiences or misleading advertisements. Renting a luxury villa in Croatia means that you will book a modern, fully equipped villa, usually with a private pool. Croatia Luxury Booking tries to find the very best villa options in Croatia. We know that this type of accommodation can cost a lot more than simply booking a hotel room. But, when you book a villa for your vacation, you get a lot more. By booking a villa through Croatia Luxury Booking, you get the whole experience, rather than just accommodation.

We also try to find owners who are there for their guests once they arrive. We want our guests to feel appreciated. Our partnered homeowners know a lot about local agencies, restaurants and the best sightseeing locations. They always recommend them accordingly to visitors’ preferences. We collaborate with several local agencies as well, and we can always connect you with them in order to organise a vacation with plenty of activities of your choice. 

Croatia Luxury Booking views villa owners as partners. We consider carefully where we will advertise your villa and want to be there for you during your journey as a rental homeowner. We do not simply sign a deal and never pick up our phone again. Our goal is that you are satisfied and that you know that your property is in good hands. 

In the end, it is time to meet us. We are Nikša Karanušić and Marko Zorić, the founding duo behind Croatia Luxury Booking. We are both family men who enjoy spending time outdoors. We are sports enthusiasts and we enjoy travelling with our families. The time we spend with them and our friends is the fuel for all the crazy business ideas we have. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by open-minded individuals, thus enabling us to fulfil our vision of the rental side in tourism and hospitality. We are constantly seeking new opportunities, and you can contact us if you want to collaborate with us.